Cardboard boxes don’t always cut it for shipping products

If you head to any loading dock for trains, ocean freighters, or anywhere else, you’ll see wooden crates in place of cardboard boxes. There are a number of reasons why these shipping crates are so popular and often a better solution than flimsy cardboard boxes. By understanding why they’re so commonly used, you can see how they can be advantageous when shipping your own items around the world.


They’re Capable of Protecting

Shipping crates are wooden as opposed to being made out of corrugated cardboard. They’re capable of protecting items at a higher level because there are very few things that can penetrate the sides. Particularly when items are being shipped a greater distance, it can be advantageous to have more protection on the sides.

Sturdier containers ensure that your items are going to arrive in good condition. If you’ve ever shipped items in a cardboard box and notice that the corners are squashed or that get gouges in the side, consider a wooden crate – you won’t have those issues in the future.

Oversized and Heavy Items Can Be Accommodated

Some items are simply too large or too heavy to go into a corrugated box. Such items include furniture, works of art, sculptures, and even vehicles. You’ll have more room for the items to not only fit into but be properly packaged once they’ve been crated.

Additionally, some oversized items are required to be shipped in a crate or box made from wood. As such, shipping crates will allow you to be compliant with regulations.

The actual type of crate will be chosen based on what’s being shipped, to where, and what the dimensions are. With some logistics help, you can ensure that everything’s being packaged and shipped in the best way possible.

It’s an Affordable, Reusable Option

One of the reasons why shipping crates are commonly used is that they can be used again and again. Commercial and industrial crates are often used repeatedly because of their ability to house certain items. Many product-specific crates are built with bracing structures and brackets. When you’re shipping the same items repeatedly, you can reuse these crates rather than having to continuously buy new ones.

Many crates are mass-produced, too. It allows you to get the necessary shipping vessel without having to pay for a custom design. It saves you on shipping and ensures that your products arrive in good condition.

They’re Utilized for All Forms of Shipping

Shipping crates are commonly used for all forms of shipping. The crates can go inside of shipping containers that get loaded onto ocean freighters. They can be loaded “as is” into the back of a cargo plane. They can also be loaded onto trains as well as onto trucks – either in a box truck or even an open bed depending on the size of the crate.

Wooden crates are more durable – they can withstand the rain, wind, and other elements better than cardboard. This way, you can be sure that no matter how long the journey is, the crate is capable of standing up to the transport process.

Regardless of what you might have to ship, it can be advantageous to find out if shipping crates are going to be the best option for your operations.

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