Brain Linkz

Brain Linkz

An excellent list of Why Intelligent People Fail. Hat tip: Matt Mullenweg.

Great, practical discussion of How To Focus. The author asserts that our problem is not so much in managing information, but in managing our attention. I agree wholeheartedly. BTW, looks like the author has several other interesting posts … you might want to subscribe.

One of many insightful articles from David Rock’s Your Brain At Work blog: Misunderstanding the brain is bad for business. If you have the time, you will also enjoy some of his linked articles, such as the one on uncertainty.

This latter describes why our brains dislike dealing with certainties. That’s one of the reasons that we are pattern-seeking, pattern-making beings and will find “patterns” and causal connections where there aren’t any.

Update: One more interesting article: The digital alarmists are wrong. Very sensible. Steven Pinker, highly respected Harvard professor of psychology, asserts that there is little neuroplasticity in the brain and that the fundamental networks are not being constantly rewired (as Carr and others suggest).

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