3 Benefits of Learning to Play Golf

Golf, as a sport, had its boom in the 90s around the rising popularity of Tiger Woods. The sport had its genesis in Scotland in the 15th century and has slowly evolved into the game we recognize today. Many think of golf as a stuffy sport only intended for the very rich but the modern game has turned from that pattern. With the availability of semi-private and public courses, golf has become a pastime that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy. Here are three great reasons to try getting out on the greens yourself.


Golf is Fantastic Exercise

With the increased demand for workers to use computers, people are no longer getting the recommended amount of exercise needed to be healthy. Golf is a sport based on walking. A person can cover up to six miles when they play a full 18 holes. Some choose to play a course with nine holes for a faster game and way to enjoy a few hours outside after a busy day.

This can be great, not only for physical, but mental health as well. The less strenuous exercise in golf can help increase your overall energy levels and help you achieve better sleep so you can meet daily challenges with a healthy body and mind.

Golf is Surprisingly Affordable

One of the biggest stigmas around golf is that it is a sport only for those with a few extra zeros on their paychecks. This is no longer the case with golf course management companies being called in to bring up the quality and accessibility of many golf courses. Many areas have semi-private or public greens that people pay much lower fees to enjoy.

The cost of clubs and irons can be very high when you are looking for good quality but a beginner should not be spending $1200 on a new set of equipment. Check online or at local yard sales for a used set while you learn the game.

Golf is Enjoyable Camaraderie

Whether playing with a spouse, a group of friends, or connections from work, golf is an excellent way to do something together that allows for entertainment along with your conversation. Unlike many sports that can be loud and high-impact, golf grants its players the ability to move at their own speed and enjoy each other’s company as well as the contest.

Check out a local golf course to see if they offer classes for beginners. Ask the hotel or resort on your next vacation if they can recommend a local class to get you started. Give golf a try and you may find a healthy and affordable way to build relationships with friends.

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