A Reminder: the Importance of Good Passwords

A Reminder the Importance of Good Passwords

As detailed on the Twitter Blog via Twitter: even more open than we wanted and the TechCrunch post In our inbox: hundreds of confidential twitter documents, a lot of confidential Twitter material was hacked into via an e-mail account that did not have a sufficiently secure password.

TechCrunch has published some of the material, although not much, and has been working with the folks at Twitter to not “go too far” in reporting on the confidential material that came into their possession.

My own view is that the material was stolen property and they should not publish any of it … doing so makes use of stolen property. But that is just my view. I am not a lawyer.

Arrington is and also has lawyers to assist him in deciding what to do with the material. Not being a pure journalist, I do not have a journalistic view on the material.

Regardless, I think this demonstrates very clearly the need for all of us to ensure we are using good password protection. We all really need to ensure that we use strong passwords.

Hacking technology is continuing to improve, alongside other technology, and hackers can more easily break difficult passwords now than they could even a year ago. The trend will continue.

Hence, the need for us to be smart in choosing strong passwords.

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