A Healthy Bug Hunt: How Technology Is Allowing Us to Protect Our Food Supply Without Contaminating It


At least once a month, most times once a week, families flock to the grocery store and fill up their carts with fruits, vegetables, pasta, meats, snacks, milk, and tons of other great things to eat. We must consume food in order to live and a trip to the store, although annoying, helps us to alleviate that need in our homes.

However, we are not the only dwellers in our homes that like to enjoy the privilege of our food supply. These are bugs and I’m not talking about the bunny. Roaches, ants, moths, and mice will take advantage of your easy food source if you’re not careful. Below are three ways that the evolution of technology will help you kill your invaders without poisoning your pantry.

Botanical Pesticides 

The number one problem with most pesticides is that fact that the majority aren’t safe for our food or a roaming toddler, for that matter. With the advances in technology, we have been able to eliminate the danger pesticides present to our food source.

One of the ways that has been accomplished is through botanical means. There are several brands that have invested time and money in research that resulted in pest control that you could make from several plants you may already be familiar with.

Examples include nicotine from the nicotiana plant, poison oak and ivy oil, and peppermint and rosemary oils, as well. Many farmers prefer to use natural pesticides over traditional poisons.  

Ultrasonic Pest Repellers 

In the continuing trek to rid our pantries of insects and pests, one of the avenues that has been presented by modern technology is the ultrasonic pest repeller. Much like the sounds of our children screaming and squabbling can repel us to another room in the house, the high pitched sounds thrown out by one of these wonders are unbearable to several types of pests.

They include mice, cockroaches, fleas, bats, flies, ants, spiders, rodents,  squirrels, raccoons, and opossums. There is some speculation to how effective this option is, but most complaints come down to user error. The use of sound to relieve your home of terrorizing pests is totally chemical free.  

Knowledge Is Power 

In the end, the best guard against household pests and insects that technology has given us is the simple adage of progressing knowledge. In caveman days, the only protection against pesky invaders was a good fire. In this day and time, we have access to many more common sense defences.

Make sure to keep your food put away properly, wash your dishes regularly, and treat your lawn at least twice a year. The latter extends the protection barrier making your first defense outside of your home and possibly preventing an in home battle all together.

Adopt a pet. Cats, especially are great hunters. With a cat in the house, you are bound to see a sharp decrease in the mice population. Invest in a simple flyswatter. There’s nothing easier and sometimes, more therapeutic than violently swatting an insect. 

Pests are annoying, at the very least. However, there is no longer a need to endanger yourself or your family in the journey to get rid of them.

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