A Data Plan that Suits Your Needs

data plan

Dependence on smart devices is personal for everyone. Millennials are the most dependent. Many social media applications are creating avenues through which they can earn an income. Having a healthy data plan will save you a lot of money. Finding the balance between enjoying your device’s provisions and not spending much money is a challenge to many. Internet solutions like high speed internet service Bethlehem offers affordable packages to suit your needs.

It’s hard to ascertain the amounts of data used in a week or month because;

  • It doesn’t bother – people are ignorant to check on the details
  • People are lazy and are unwilling to pinpoint areas that consume a lot of data
  • Difficulty in reading data usage graphs and interpreting them

Some of the activities that consume data quickly include;


Not all websites are allowed to run on a small screen like a mobile device. Ways to know websites are not optimized to run on specific devices are;

  • If the content is wider than the screen,
  • If the text is eligible,
  • If the page loads slowly,
  • If the content is unplayable,

A website like Opera Mini uses compression algorithms which helps in saving data, unlike Chrome.

Social media

Apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram, to mention a few, are data hogs. The apps are excellent and fun to use, and this makes many people hooked, hence more usage of data. Using the data usage settings, one should approximate the amount of data that will be suitable.

Streaming music and video

People who prefer streaming songs and videos tend to go deep in their pockets than their counterparts who prefer offline music and videos. This is because video streaming consumes the highest amount of data. Therefore, depending on the service used, Youtube, Showmax, or Netflix, one needs to factor in the cost.

Additionally, app updates and downloads also cap into the data usage. Some folk is lucky enough to get bug fixes, general firmware updates, improvement alerts, and monthly security alerts, which are unplanned usages.

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