8 Tech Savvy Ways to Save Money Everyday


Technology has revolutionised how we do things in everyday life, and this also rings true when we look at household finances. Budgeting is an ever-important step in ensuring we have a backup for the future but with the increasing cost of living, it can be hard to save money without scrimping on everyday luxuries. There are many ways to earn and save money plus you can also use your computer or mobile phone to help out. With the number of gems out there, it has never been easier to start making savings on everyday items and regular household bills with just the click of a button.

Check out some of the top tech-savvy ways to save money on everything from household bills to eating out.

Compare everything

Long gone are the days of sticking with the same utility companies for years on end and you may even find now that even if you do, your premiums will begin to rise. Loyalty doesn’t seem to count for much these days when it comes to household bills so this is where a handy comparison site steps in. Comparison websites have offered a super easy way to look at costs for a range of different household bills. Whether you are looking to consolidate credit cards, see what savings accounts will give you the best return or cut the cost of your fuel bills, just a simple click could see you save hundreds of pounds. Comparison sites are easily accessible from both desktop and mobile devices, so you can quickly make decisions wherever you are.

Pay-as-you-go or contract?

There’s no doubt that the invention of the mobile phone and mobile technology has revolutionized our lives. Since the creation of these handheld devices, technology has since advanced at an incredibly fast pace. Mobile phones form part of our everyday routines, and most people cannot be without one. With the range of devices being released every year, it’s hard to choose what type of deal you should go for or whether it’s more cost-effective to have a pay-as-you-go or contract mobile phone. Mobile phone packages can be quite confusing and looking at how much you really used in terms of call time, messaging and data gives you a clear indicator whether something is worth your hard-earned cash. Researching and finding out more info on deals will put you in a position to make a better choice plus it might free up some extra money to spend on other essentials.

Sell unwanted items on the Internet

We all have items that we have been meaning to get rid of. Whether this is an unwanted gift or furniture that is no longer needed, there is plenty of ways to make a little cash. Traditionally the go-to website that everyone loved was eBay, but with increasing fees and a somewhat lengthier process of listing items, it can too much hassle for something that is not worth very much. The beauty of the Internet though, is that there are so many other options to choose from. If you have bulky furniture or something that is only available for collection, using sites that local people are looking at is an ideal option. A favourite for this at the moment is Facebook’s Marketplace. Not only can you use the power of social media to sell an item, but you can also check out tons of locally listed things that could save you tons of money. Plus your friends can share your post too, so it’s more likely to sell quickly and put the cash straight in your pocket.

There are also tons of other sites and mobile apps dedicated to helping you sell unwanted items. Popular clothing listing apps such as Depop enable you to list straight from your phone, so you don’t have to worry about uploading pictures to your desktop. These mobile apps also work like a social media platform, and people can follow you and vice versa so you can list items or grab a bargain yourself without stepping foot out the front door.

Booking a holiday

The number of people that avidly walk into a travel agent these days to starting to dwindle and this is due to the rise in travel websites and mobile apps that get you the best deals straight to your palm. Just like general comparison sites, travel is another area where technology has made it easier to not just look at the best travel deals but also book holidays, car hire, excursions and hotels all under one roof. Booking each part of the journey is also proving to be more cost-effective than traditional holiday planning and can be easily compared on one site or booked via several different operators. Prices are also constantly changing, so there is also no rule of thumb anymore that booking early or last-minute will secure you the best deals. These sites take all the hassle out of extensive research though so finding the best deal on your computer or mobile couldn’t be easier.

Reconsider your gym membership

Unless you’re an avid gym goer, you may have a regular membership that is draining your bank account. Although it might make you feel better to think you could just pop to the gym if you wanted, considering other options may be more cost-effective. Exercising doesn’t, in fact, need to cost anything but if you are the type of person that needs a little help with getting motivated or wants to follow a programme, then why not use the hundreds of free workouts online. There is plenty of choices whether you want to do a regular HIIT workout or follow the practices of a yoga instructor and you’ll find everything and more on YouTube. If you’d like something a little more structured, then there are also plenty of paid subscriptions online that not only give you a range of workouts to follow but provide support, meal plans and challenges to keep you focused without spending a fortune. These courses and videos can be accessed via computer or mobile so you can do them wherever you are.

Smart meters

As household bills seem to rise each and every year, monitoring them has never been so important. Energy costs are always a much talked about issue and something that we cannot get away from spending our money on, although there is now an easier way to watch those pennies. Most energy providers are now providing smart meters, and soon everyone in the UK will be offered one. A smart meter will mean the end of estimated bills and getting those pesky ‘can you read the meter’ cards left on your doorstep. This type of meter will enable you to see exactly what you are using in near real time, which is great for monitoring the areas where you could potentially save money. Something as simple as watching how switching a light on effects how much is used or choosing different modes on your washing machine to keep it more cost-effective can help to reduce bills in the long run. Smart meters can assist in making you more conscious of your usage and in turn reduce the amount you spend on monthly bills.

Money saving coupons

Money saving coupons have been around for years, and with the advances in mobile technology, you don’t need to carry around a coupon book or rip out a section of the paper to claim a range of money saving offers. Everything is switching to mobile so wherever you shop you could be saving money regularly. There are many powerful money-saving apps that can be downloaded right onto your home screen, which gives you instant access whenever you are shopping. If you have several loyalty cards, there are also apps to store all of your detail in one place so you won’t have tons of cards clogging up your purse or wallet. They are also simple to use as the cashier can just scan your screen at the till and everything is stored in your digital wallet. Money-saving apps can also combine many deals under one roof, so you don’t have to have several apps taking up precious memory space on your phone.

Shop online

Online shopping is a booming market, and although everything is at the click of a button, it could actually save you money over a period of time. Free and next day delivery sees items arrive quickly without the need to pop to the shops, which of course uses fuel or money for public transport. Also, buying your food shopping online can take away the temptation of those treats while you walk around, which can lead to unnecessary spending.

There are many ways that technology is helping us to save money on a daily and monthly basis. It’s always wise to shop around, and although this might seem time-consuming, the variety of apps that take away this hassle and will leave you with plenty of time and extra cash to spend on the things you enjoy most.

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