4 Ways Businesses Can Increase Social Media Engagement


At this point, most businesses –– both big and small –– have some form of presence on social media. The bad news is that a weak social media strategy is nearly as bad as not having social media accounts at all. Indeed, what’s the point of building and managing a social media page if customers are not reacting to it in a positive way? On the plus side, there are steps business leaders can take to ensure their company is more than just a bystander on social media. Here are four tips that will help increase customer engagement on social media:


Sure, virtually every business has a Facebook page. But how many have an active Instagram? Twitter? What about more obscure sites like Medium or Pinterest? Or industry-specific networks like Yelp, Zillow, or Goodreads? The reality is that a large number of your customer base may reside on social media platforms that you’ve ignored so far. Amending that will go a long way toward boosting customer interactions online.

Value Quality Over Quantity

It’s possible for both customers and businesses to suffer from content fatigue. That is, companies that post new content constantly will 1) typically run out of fresh ideas quickly and/or 2) annoy or bore the followers they do have. Businesses that really want to attract high-end clients need to make it a priority to craft high-end content on social media. This may mean that they’re unable to post as often as before, but quality posts simply hold much greater value than the “average” piece of content.

Start the Conversation

Social media should afford businesses the opportunity to converse with their clientele. Unfortunately, relatively few businesses truly embrace this concept. Rather than asking for customer feedback, they’re instead content to pursue a less intensive strategy. Worse, some businesses actively ignore the questions and concerns their customers pose online. If you’re not going to bother to engage with customers who have legitimate queries online, you may as well invest in other areas of your business.

Keep it Simple

At the end of the day, consumers in every industry respond to the same things. For example, people enjoy watching short videos; they love eye-catching images and useful tips. And no one objects to a bit of humor from time to time. It can be tempting to overthink things when developing a social media strategy, but the reality is that keeping it simple is likely to pay dividends.

Final Thoughts

Whether your company manufactures delicate equipment like blood collection tubes, or you sell everyday office supplies, developing a winning social media plan is a must. Happily, these four tips will go a long way toward helping your team achieve that goal!

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