4 Important Factors to Consider When Purchasing Electric Gate Openers

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If you own a gate on your property; home or office then an electric opener will come in handy. Just about everything nowadays is electronic. Garage door openers were probably the inspiration for the remote-operated gates. You do not have to get out of your car to go opening the gate. This is just too much energy and too much money that will have to be spent on the gate if you hire a gatekeeper. Automating your gate is a really awesome way to make things more convenient while entering and exiting your property. You can literally program your gates to open and close without having to touch them physically.

Technology has really blessed the world with some great tools to make life so much easier. The garage door openers and electric gates are just among the most convenient devices for the home today. The unfortunate thing is that they can be a little bit too expensive for many people to afford them. This is however dependent on where you decide to shop. There are so many places where you can buy these products but then the internet stands to be counted as the most convenient and most affordable.

Selecting the right tool

You will want to make sure that you get the right model of a gate opener that is perfect for your specific gate. There are multiple options available online and thus you will have to do some selecting. What are the factors that you should consider? Price is just one of them and it is very minor. There other elements that you should go with include:

  1. Type of gate

Do your gate swing or slide? A swinging gate opens just like the doors of your house. A swing gate will be most compatible with the swing arm operators and the ram arm operators. The swing arms have arms that extend to the gate to open it while the ram arms are located on the gate and its posts. They have either jackscrew-operated or hydraulic pistons. For the sliding gates, the electric gate opener typically uses a chain that is located at the bottom of the gate. It is attached to an operator that will pull the chain to open or close the gate.

  1. Length of the gate

In the case of a sliding gate, you will have to put into consideration its length. The gate opener will have to have a chain that is long enough to accommodate the length of your gate.

  1. Swinging pieces

For the swinging gates you will have to select a gate opener based on the number of swinging pieces. There are those gates that swing as one piece and others that swing as two pieces. The choice of the gate opener is going to be totally informed by this factor.

  1. Weight of the gate

It would be sad to get a gate opener that cannot handle the weight of your gate. It is either going to break or not function at all. Put the weight of your gate into consideration before you install the gate opener that you find online.

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