4 Cool Things You Can Do to Unwind at Work


In a previous article, we talked about how to stay happy and comfortable at work. By communicating better, staying on top of your time (and project) management, and getting comfortable with your environment, you can stay happy even when there are so many things to do.

However, even the best jobs have moments when you are completely uninspired. Stress, boredom, and other common issues could seriously hamper your productivity. These are the times when you need a good distraction, and we have just the best things you can do in this article.

Funny Memes

15 minutes of looking – and laughing – at funny pictures is often all that you need to unwind and refresh. You’ll be surprised by how effective laughing is when it comes to getting you back up to speed, especially when we’re talking about creative work.

There are a lot of sites where you can find funny memes and pictures too. All you have to do is find a site with an endless supply of funny images, sit back, and simply relax for a while. After 15 minutes, you’ll feel so much better and ready to get back to work.


While memes and funny images are great because they load quickly and there are so many of them around, you must not dismiss funny videos too. Thanks to short video platforms like Instagram Stories, there are also more ways to enjoy funny videos when you are bored at work.

There is one challenge to watching funny videos, and that is getting the sound coming from the videos. It is best to use a pair of headphones so that you don’t disturb those around you. You may want to hold your laughter back a little bit too.

Mobile Gaming

This next one is obvious. Mobile gaming just keeps getting better, especially with titles like PUBG hitting app stores. Since the goal is to unwind quickly, you want to stick to simple games that can keep you entertained and help refresh the mind.

Simple games can be a lot of fun too. Remember Flappy Bird? There are a lot of games in the same genre that dominate the app store nowadays. Crossy Road, Helix Jump, and other similar games provide a lot of fun without the complex gameplays and storylines.

You can still play complex games if you like, but make sure you limit your playing time and get back to work afterwards. Otherwise, the game will only be another thing that hampers your productivity.

Light Articles

Last but certainly not least, we have the long list of light yet useful articles available on the internet. You can read DIY articles, game or gadget reviews, or even cooking tips or a comprehensive software tutorial, as long as you really enjoy the subject and you enjoy the process of reading.

Funny news sites like The Onion are also worth visiting. They are not to be taken seriously, but they are absolutely entertaining and may bring a few laughs as you read through the articles. Fake news, anyone?

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