What’s unique about Appco’s approach to face-to-face sales?


Face-to-face sales is a tried and tested form of marketing and a wide range of businesses around the world use this technique to reach out to prospective customers. Broadly speaking, this form of promotion simply refers to interacting with consumers directly in order to sell products or services. However, different companies can have very different takes on this technique. One organisation that has a distinctive approach to face-to-face sales is Appco Group. Here, we take a look at what makes its stance on this type of sales stand out.

The Human Commercial™

Often, face-to-face sales is seen as a one-way process; companies view these interactions as an opportunity to provide consumers with scripted information in a bid to persuade them to buy products or services. Appco UK does things differently. Founder and chairman of the group Chris Niarchos developed a technique he has dubbed the Human Commercial™, which emphasises the importance of providing consumers with the best possible sales experience.

The self-employed brand ambassadors in the Appco network have a thorough knowledge of the products and services they represent, allowing them to tailor the information they provide to suit potential customers’ individual interests and needs. Rather than simply delivering rehearsed lines, they engage in personalised, friendly conversations with people, providing on-the-spot responses to any questions.

The benefits to businesses

By making an effort to ensure that consumers can voice their thoughts freely and ask as many questions as they wish about the products and services being sold, the Human Commercial™ approach to face-to-face sales helps to ensure that potential customers have a positive, enjoyable experience. In turn, this can serve to build brand loyalty. After all, when consumers are treated in this personalised way, they are more likely to trust the companies being represented by brand ambassadors.

A performance-based payment model

It’s not only the Human Commercial™ that makes Appco’s take on face-to-face marketing different. Another standout feature of the company’s approach is the fact that it operates a performance-based payment model, meaning the businesses that use its services only pay for the results that Appco actually delivers. This can help companies to control their costs and ensure that their marketing campaigns represent a good return on their investments.

As well as face-to-face sales, Appco is a specialist in fundraising. For more than two decades, Appco has been acquiring new donors on behalf of a range of charity partners.

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