Website Building Tips For The Novice Designer


Building a website is not quite as difficult as it may seem.  The internet is a wealth of knowledge, and everything you need to know about web design is available online.  Website templates are available for free, and Moz is the go-to destination for all things optimization.

Through the resources and tools the internet provides, you can be well on your way to a successful build in just a few hours.  Start your journey towards enlightenment now, and check out a few website building tips specifically designed for novice designers.

Research the ins and outs of SEO

Search engine optimization is the art of learning to give Google’s search algorithm what it seeks.  When your website is designed to look good to Google search bots, you will begin to climb the rankings in the SERPs.

Search engine results pages (or SERPs) are carefully laid out by specific search criteria created by Google’s’ developers.  Google, being the most prominent search engine on the internet, is the only search platform that really gets attention.

Products and services have their place

Every business website needs a well-designed products and services page included in the layout.  You may also want to spend a significant amount of time researching an easy-to-use payment gateway integration for your website.

It should be easy for people to get what they want from your site, and you do not want a subpar payment system on your website.  Look into the practical applications of a digital payment system, too.

Mobile users are dominating the internet

Google understands that people no longer spend their days in front a computer screen.  People access the internet using their many different mobile devices far more often than they use their laptops and PCs.

While designing your website, take the necessary steps to optimize your website for mobile access.  Try not to make people pinch and swipe to adequately view your website.

Communication is a top priority

Communication is important in business just as it is in life.  You need to integrate a chance to communicate into every nook and cranny of your website design.  People should feel like it is simple to share a quick thought or an important experience.

In addition to the sitewide integration, design a “Contact Us” page for your site.  Include several different ways for people to contact your organization, and work a simple contact form into the mix as well.

Integrate social media into your design

Social media is the easiest way to supremely boost your visibility online.  In addition to adding little social media share buttons all over your website, you may also want to work to develop a social media profile of your own.

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