Ways Technology Affects Your Health In The Office


The rapid pace of technology development in business and in our personal lives has made drastic changes in the ways we live and work.  Though technology has streamlined office procedures, it has also had other lasting effects on today’s workforce.

Consider the many different ways technology impacts your life and health, and find a way to forge a balance.  Start by reading through this brief look into a few ways in which technology affects your health in the office.  

Negative impacts of technology on your health

Sitting for too long is bad

  • Sitting too long increases your risk for Diabetes.
  • Being sedentary for extended periods of time raises your risk for heart disease.
  • Stationary lifestyles slow metabolism, as the body isn’t worked to burn calories at a proper rate.

Memory capacity is not as sharp

  • Becoming too dependant upon the use of technology for simple processes retards your mind’s natural ability to retain information.  
  • Critical thinking skills can also be dulled from repeating the same processes day after day.


Tech means it’s easier to bring work home

  • The mass exposure and dependency we have on technology in modern culture makes it far too easy to become a bit of a workaholic.  
  • Taking your work home with you can be necessary at times, but balance is important for longevity and true success.  

Overexposure to technology

  • Though not all of the negative impacts of technology have been uncovered, it has been found that overexposure to certain tech devices can raise your risk for many different kinds of cancer.  

Positive impacts of technology on your health

Technology to help professionals relax

  • Create a relaxation room for professionals working with your organization.  Taking a short break from work every two hours is a good way to enhance professional efficiency.  

Precision ergonomics throughout the office

  • Ergonomic keyboards, mouse pads, and mice will help to protect yourself and your employees from pain associated with carpal tunnel in the wrists.  
  • Ergonomic office chairs help support the spine and soften the sitting for your tailbone.  With less back issues and stronger wrist health, professionals can perform more efficiently and more comfortably.  

Wearable technology can improve healthy habits

  • Sitting for extended periods of time can cause high blood pressure and circulation issues in the body.  Modern wearable technology like the Apple Watch, FitBits, and other smartwatch devices will remind you to stand up and move.  

Tech built to protect your vision

  • Protect your eyes and get the job done by minding the brightness of your screen.  Keep your screen dimmed a bit to keep your eyes from struggling with the contrast of the white light on your screen versus the lighting in your office.  


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