Top Health Tips to Embrace in 2019


As the new year approaches, we’re finding ourselves firmly in resolution territory. Traditionally, people make small promises to themselves for positive behaviors as one year passes into the next, and many of these are little too ambitious to last past January. But those New Year’s resolutions that usually stick are the ones that are to do with our health. After all, it’s a rewarding feeling, to feel yourself healthier and more full of life, energy,and vitality. So, to prepare you for a year of wellbeing and fulfillment, this article explores some top tips for your health in 2019.

You Should Exercise 

The first point in any list about health: it’s incredibly important that you exercise. Exercising has a range of benefits for your body and your mind that are often overlooked in favor of the dominant narrative that it fights fat. Exercising regularly also has the following benefits:

  • Your skeletal structure will remain firmly and strongly in place
  • Underused muscles canstrain or tear; exercise prevents this
  • Your lungs and heart will be healthier – a considerable benefit for those approaching old age
  • You’ll establish a body rhythm that’ll help you sleep better
  • The endorphins released give you a short ‘high’that is a boost to your mental health

Make sure you’re exercising every day (even if you’re just walking around the neighborhood) and try to diversify your exercise where possible.

Eat and Drink Responsibly 

Most diets are exposed as trends, and sometimes genuinely dangerous for your health, so it’s not wise to follow any one diet religiously. In any case, you’re able to set your own limits and restrictions, in the knowledge that you should simply moderate your intake of certain harmful substances.

In terms of food, the top tip is to always check the ingredient listings and percentagesof the products you purchase. You don’t need to carry a calculator with you.This is more a tip that entails your slow learning of which foods that you ordinarily buy are doing the most damage to you.

Regarding drink, there are two tips for you to digest. One of them is to drink more water: most people in the world aren’t drinking enough water, and this can make them lethargic or unhealthy in a variety of ways.

The second tip is to reduce your alcohol consumption. It may be already very low, in which case this tip will be irrelevant, but if you’re aware you are drinking to excess, use the new year to orchestrate a change in your habits. If your habit is a little more like an addiction, it might be best to visit this website, where you’ll find a range of treatments for addiction.

Mindfulness Practice 

The final point to make in this article is to do with mental health. It’s a scandalously under-represented health issue, especially in the context of rising levels of anxiety and depression. You should practice mindfulness techniques to calm yourself from stress and anxiety. Whether that be some form of meditation or a mantra you can use to reduce your jitters, practicing mindfulness will increase the wellness of your mental health.

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