Top Apple iOS Operation Boosting Apps


You may love your Apple device, but all devices require regular maintenance to retain processing speed and efficiency.  Just because you have the coveted iPhone model of your dreams, doesn’t mean you’ll never have trouble with the device.

Part of having a digital information processor is keeping all of the unnecessary build-up junk to a minimum.  Check out a quick look at some of the most useful and effective iOS booster applications, and get started optimizing today.

Dr. Cleaner for Mac Optimization 

Dr. Cleaner is the best all-in-one cleaner for your Apple products.  The application offers

memory optimization, disk cleaning, and system monitoring.  Get rid of junk files, duplicate files, and stray application files with a few button clicks.

You won’t have to pay an arm and a leg to utilize this excellence service, either.  Dr. Cleaner for Mac optimization is free.  Also, look into the Dr. Cleaner Antivirus and Unarchiver abilities.

iMyFone Umate Pro for iPhones

When your iPhone won’t perform, install iMyFone Umate Pro.  The application will remove duplicate files, excess cookie storage, and heavy cache loads from your phone, improving the all-around performance of your device.

Erase all the files bogging down your system with one simple app.  The application itself is built to take up as little space as possible on your device.  iMyFone will also assist you in wiping your phone clean should you choose to move onto another device.

Magic Phone Cleaner for iPods and iPads

Magic Phone Cleaner is actually best for cleaning up your iPods and iPads.  It’s not as simple on those devices to clean the junk files and cache, and Magic Phone will get it done with just a few taps.

This application is well-suited for an array of users.  It comes in twelve different languages, but make sure you have an iOS 9 or better.  Magic Phone Cleaner is built for newer models.

Make sure your iOS is up to date

One of the most common contributing factors to a slow Apple device is an outdated operating system.  Updates are released to keep your systems functioning at their maximum capacity.  Before you go searching for a new product, try making sure your systems are up to date.

CoconutBattery for your battery efficiency

If you want to get the most out of your Apple battery, it is recommended that you download CoconutBattery.  CoconutBattery is one of the most useful battery optimizers available today.

The application is easy to understand and easy to use.  The stats provided to you will show you just how underrated your battery power really is, and help you do what is necessary to improve the performance of your battery life.

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