The Benefits of Earning an MBA as an Entrepreneur

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Entrepreneurs start, run and hopefully grow their own businesses. They are innovators that take the financial risk of setting out on their own. Creative entrepreneurs are forging ahead. With the internet at their fingertips, these artists and builders are making business men and women of themselves. Many creatives struggle with the business side of their craft. They would rather focus on their art than build an audience, worry about numbers and market their products and services. That is why an MBA can really help entrepreneurs and business owners.

Earning a master of business administration degree can thrust your business forward into new realms that you never thought possible. Beyond business knowledge, attending a university provides you with connections in the real world. Here are some other benefits of securing an MBA.

  •        Business Management Theory – An MBA curriculum covers business management theory in depth. You will graduate with an understanding or management theory, concepts that underlie business planning and the difference between a winning strategy and a losing one. As a business owner, this is vital. You also have the added benefit of a real life model to learn these concepts against.
  •        Running Your Business – If you are a solopreneur, this one is a nice bonus. Many times entrepreneurs set out with a great concept but no real knowledge of how to actually run a business. An MBA teaches you different alternatives to running a business. You study the pros and cons and centralized versus decentralized business options. You will get insight into the minds of leaders of large companies and learn how to replicate those models.
  •        Networking – Working from home is wonderful, but it can be lonely. Making connections is not always easy. You might be your company’s only current employee but you might want to hire down the road. You might meet your new business partner, someone who would excel in a particular role in your current business or someone to bounce ideas off of. This is your opportunity to turn connections into lifelong contacts.
  •        Go Global – You gain the conceptual tools to take your business global. International expansion is becoming much more commonplace in today’s marketplace. If you don’t have the knowledge and tools necessary to expand globally, you may find yourself left in the dust.
  •        Business Planning – Receiving funding is not easy. If you lack a solid business plan, it is near impossible. A well-written business plan can attract potential investors. An MBA will teach you how to write a compelling synopsis or summary that is not only convincing but substantiated.
  •        Safety Net – An MBA provides you with a professional safety net. You have your degree to fall back on. Knowing that you have some security allows you to go big with your business ideas. You have the ability to secure a job and pay your bills if you entrepreneurial endeavors go south.
  •        Online Presence – Those connections you are making in class can be translated into an online community. You have a wide arching audience interested in seeing your business flourish. You can get feedback from people you trust and that actually know business. You can actively participate in alumni activities on all the popular social media networks. Maryville has a great alumni group that will keep you connected in the years to come.

An MBA is a great investment for any entrepreneur and especially the creative variety. You have a mind for art and building something out of nothing. Back that raw talent up with some business knowledge and you are much more likely to succeed. It is a gateway to financial success. You make connections that are not easy to make across the ethers. Earn an MBA today and reap all the benefits.

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