Stress and Procrastination

Stress and Procrastination

Stress kills.

So reducing stress is pretty important, wouldn’t ya think?

Now I know some of you are thinking “what do you know about stress, Keener? You’re retired, so what could stress you out, dude?”

Well, it turns out that retirement is pretty stressful, racking up 45 stress points out of a possible 100, with the death of a spouse being the item that racks up the maximum stress points. And, as some of you know, I’ve dealt with that, too.

But, a common, yet often-overlooked source of stress, is procrastination, which is something we bring upon ourselves. And, unfortunately, most of us are afflicted to some degree with the disease of procrastination. It’s a disease I’ve never completely overcome, although I have gotten better over the years at just going ahead and doing my tasks.

One thing that I have found to be very helpful is to just go ahead and get my unpleasant tasks over early in the day. Every time I do that, it makes me feel so much better. The stress that comes from thinking about unpleasant tasks often makes one feel much worse than the actual task does. In fact, that is very often the case.

How have you reduced procrastination in your life?

What else do you recommend for reducing stress?

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