Seeking Some Linux Wisdom

Seeking Some Linux Wisdom

Today is the day when we hear what new wonderful things are arriving from Apple. I know several of you are Apple fans and will periodically checking the net trying to find out what is happening there. I will be following the action on Macworld’s Live Update Coverage.

But, interestingly, perhaps ironically, I have decided to choose today to start back tinkering with my Ubuntu distribution. I have not fooled with it at all in at least six months, and it is woefully out of date, as are my Linux skills.

Despite my platform agnosticism I have been spending almost all of my computer time on my iMac. (I periodically boot into Windows, but seldom spend more than 30 minutes a day on it.)

Time to remedy that and spread it out some. It will help me be more technically competent all the way around, and may help me generate a couple of good articles for you that I might otherwise never think of.

Anyway, it has been so very long since I have done anything serious with Linux that I would love some pointers from you guys on the best book(s) to buy. I know there are some Ubuntu-specific books I could get, and I am open to suggestions on which are the best, but a good overall Linux book would probably be good for me, too. Recommendations appreciated.

One final I am wondering: have any of you used VMware Fusion to set up a Linux mount on your Mac? Right now I have Ubuntu mounted as a dual boot with Windows XP Pro on my laptop, but am wondering how well it would work on my iMac.

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