Runners and Foot Injuries: 4 Causes of Foot Pain

Foot Injuries

Running is a common exercise that can be great for kicking the entire body into shape. However, because this puts so much stress on the foot, it can cause different types of pain for those who do it frequently. If you’re a runner, then it’s important to become familiar with the four most common causes of foot pain listed below.

  1. Stress Fractures


– Forefoot pain

– Feels better with harder shoes

– Pain gets worse throughout the day

Stress fractures can cause severe pain that gets worse over the course of the day. Caused by a crack in a bone in the foot, this is one injury that normally starts off as discomfort before it gradually becomes worse. In fact, some individuals find that their foot becomes swollen and bruised as the stress fracture gets worse. In most situations, rest is crucial in order to prevent putting additional stress on the fracture.

  1. Plantar Fasciitis


– Stabbing feeling in arch of foot

– Limping due to pain

– Swelling and tenderness

Most commonly identified by stabbing pain in the heel, plantar fasciitis is caused by the fibrous plantar fascia tissue becoming inflamed. This can be due to improper running shoes, increased running/running intensity, and anything else that puts strain on the foot. The pain can be quite severe, especially for individuals who run quite often. Rest is recommended to help combat the pain, as is stretching and wearing proper footwear.

  1. Metatarsalgia


– Pain in the ball of foot

– Burning pain

– Feels like a pebble in your shoe

This condition is caused by irritation to the long metatarsal bones that help make up the foot. The constant pressure and contact the foot has with the ground when running can cause these bones to become irritated and eventually begin to break down. According to a podiatrist bondi, other issues that can lead to this include shoes that cramp the toes, calluses that cause uneven weight distribution, and arthritis. Rest, the proper footwear, and over the counter pain relievers can help ease the pain.

  1. Achilles Tendinitis


– Pain in the heel

– Stiffness in the heel

– Swelling

For most runners, this begins as an ache in the back of the leg, just above the heel. This is caused by overuse of the Achilles tendon, which connects the heel bone to the calf muscles in the back of the lower leg. Most discomfort is experienced after running, with more severe pain felt by individuals who do extended runs or are training for marathons. Serious cases can require surgery, while more mild cases can be treated with the help of a podiatrist.

Protecting Your Feet

For those who enjoy running, the benefits of this exercise can outweigh the risks of pain. However, it doesn’t hurt to try and protect your feet by stretching and wearing the appropriate shoes. In addition to this, it’s always recommended to work with a podiatrist for ongoing pain that won’t seem to go away.

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