Photo editing apps, the best for iPhone and Android smartphones

photo editing

Comparing some three best photo editing apps Adobe Lightroom, Afterlight, Snapseed, Photoshop Express

The ability to edit images through your smartphone is important for those who use social networks. Hence It is easy searching for the best iPhone and Android smartphone apps for easy quality photo editing. Edit and save your picture while playing game like

Adobe Lightroom

Among the best apps for managing and editing digital photos in the professional field is Adobe Lightroom. The mobile app, unlike its more famous desktop PC counterpart, has a simplified interface and adapts to the use and needs of smartphone owners.

The version for mobile users is Lightroom CC , capable of supporting the RAW photographic format, adjusting exposure and color correction quickly and intuitively. The free version allows an Upgrade to the Premium plan for professionals. Both versions are based on a cloud system.


This application is considered by professional photographers to be one of the most complete and powerful experiences for photo editing on mobile devices. Although it may be a hyperbolized expression in the concrete Afterlight maintains these expectations by providing all the basic tools of photo editing.

The basic functions are completed with support for the RAW format and with the possibility of being able to use frames and filters with ease, without any problems whatsoever. It is an ideal solution for all those who need to edit images on the go. Use this app to edit your enjoying moment online casino real money.


This photo editing application for Android and iOS operating systems is offered to users for free but with professional features. Snapseed was designed by Google and places its strong point on image adjustment and alteration.

Through dedicated functions you can modify: blurs, temperatures, vignettes, film effects, filters . A real photo editing software capable of overlapping multiple layers and being able to quickly produce ideas and projects in just a few steps.

Photoshop Express

The Adobe company places the famous Adobe Photoshop as a leading software in photo editing, this in the mobile version comes to manifest itself with Photoshop Express , slightly weakened but still very useful for various photo editing operations.

Through Photoshop Express it is possible to crop photos and modify the different light exposures , to which are added all the basic functions of the most common photo editing apps. It stands out from the latter for the possibility of creating customized presets, with which you can significantly reduce editing times on the go.

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