Joint conciliation, what it is and how it works also for online purchases

Joint conciliation

Conciliation can resolve disputes between companies and consumers and it is essential to know how it works and what it is for

Joint conciliation is a method for resolving disputes, without resorting to a judge, which allows the parties involved – consumer and company, through their representatives – to discuss in order to find a shared and satisfactory solution for both, quickly and in a timely manner. an economic way, avoiding recourse to court. Joint conciliation is part of the Adr.

The acronym stands for Alternative Dispute Resolution (alternative dispute resolution) and distinguishes the procedures that are activated to resolve disputes between consumers and businesses on contracts for the sale of goods and services. The provision that introduced the new regulation of Adr procedures in Italy is legislative decree number 130 of 6 August 2015 which transposed European directive 11 of 2013 on consumer protection. This system secure your money in online payment like paying and playing in

How the joint conciliation between companies and consumers works

The joint conciliation procedure is governed by a memorandum of understanding between the consumer association and the company , and by a specific conciliation regulation which governs the practical procedures for carrying out the procedure in all its phases.

It will then be a conciliation commission, composed of a representative for the consumer and one for the company, to manage the conciliatory procedure, assisted by a special secretariat for the management of the practices. Conciliators are professionals who participate in mediation. Casino like is now allowing this payment system.

They are included in a special list which can be accessed through specific training courses. In order to access conciliation, it is necessary that the consumer has already submitted a complaint to the company – directly or through a consumer association – which either is not answered within a given period, or the same answer is not considered satisfactory.

In these cases, the consumer can formally submit a request for conciliation to the consumer association, which, having verified the conditions of admissibility, carries out an initial analysis of the case. At this point the conciliation commission formalizes the procedure and starts the conciliation attempt. If the conciliation attempt is successful, the conciliation commission signs a conciliation report which has the effect of a settlement agreement pursuant to article 1965 of the Civil Code.

If the conciliation attempt fails, a non-agreement report is drawn up instead. The joint conciliation procedure is free, and does not entail charges for the consumer, without prejudice to any registration with the consumer association to which a mandate is given.

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