Infographic: Easing Allergies for Kids

There are times that it feels like keeping your kids free from allergic reactions is a year-round battle. And, it truly is due to how we rotate in and out of the home throughout the seasons. You might think that a frost is sufficient enough to get rid of what ails you and your family, but it’s not. The home is a major source of allergens as dust collects in places of which you’re not aware. And, you might have a mold problem lurking around a water source that you haven’t detected. All of these irritants get into the air, circulate, and find their way into the body via the respiratory system.

It’s enough to drive you nuts as you attempt to get ahead of irritants in your home. What you need to face is the fact that it’s not always possible to get the indoor air completely free from these invaders. But, you can make strides toward making the air as free from them as possible by taking steps that go beyond cleaning the home. You should keep up with your regular vacuuming and dusting routines as always, but add in steps like washing bedding regularly, using allergen covers on mattresses, and getting the HVAC systems serviced regularly.

Read the infographic below to learn more about how you can get your home healthy, use natural remedies to give your children relief, and reduce the risk of the problem returning time and again. These tips will help you make everyone comfortable and almost free from irritations.


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