How to Declutter and Transform Your Garage


A cluttered garage can be source of never-ending shame and can evoke a feeling of helplessness every time you open it. What’s more, a garage with piled up stuff makes it hard to move around or even properly park your car. Before you can consider installing the garage door opener systems reviewed by sites like, you need to find a way to declutter and transform your garage. The following are tips for transforming your garage into a clutter-free zone:

Clear All Clutter

One of the hardest things to do is clearing the clutter that you have held onto for years. The process is also time consuming. The easiest way to do this is by eliminating everything that you don’t really need. If the chances of using something in the future is low, just do away with it. For those items that can fetch some money, consider holding a garage sale or selling them on and You could also donate the items to a local op-shop.

After clearing all clutter, sort the rest of the items into several categories, including cleaning products, gardening equipment, camping gear, bikes, etc. Using these categories, you now can decide what storage containers and tubs you need to buy. Additionally, buy hooks, racks, shelves and cabinets to store everything left in your garage.

Create Zones

A well-organized garage has a number of zones that make it easy for anyone to locate tools and equipment. Tools can be hung close to the workbench while shelves can be fitted below and above your workbench. Here, you can store all your hardware supplies. Install lockable cabinets and store your most valuable tools. Gardening supplies should be stored in narrow cupboards not too far away from your garage door while racks can be installed high up on the garage walls where you can keep items like rakes and shovels, unreachable to small children.

Utilize Vertical Space

An average garage is relatively small. This means that over time, storing everything you own can become a glaring challenge that won’t go away. That is why you should figure out how you can make maximum use of every inch of your vertical space. It may surprise you just how many more things your garage can hold just because you utilized your vertical space. For instance, instead of storing your bikes somewhere on the floor, you can create hangers and hooks on which to hang them on the wall or the garage ceiling. This way, they stay out of the way and allow you to maximize the use of your floor space.

A decluttered garage is an ideal way of completing the overall look of you home. It makes it easy to locate things you need every time the need to use them arises. A well-organized garage will save you a lot of time looking for a tool, a piece of gardening equipment, etc. It will also make sure that you feel confident and unashamed every time you use your garage door opener system to open your garage door.

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