How the Absence of Technology Could Help Your Business Grow

business grow

It’s now 2018 and you will struggle to find a home or business without some form of updated technology. Without it, a company would probably find it very difficult to keep up with the rest of the world.

However, there are a few situations where the lack of technology could push you further ahead of the game. Below are three situations where the absence of modern tech could help you grow, as a business, more than the most expensive piece of computer hardware or the most advanced software. 

Knowledge Transfer 

When we consider all the ingredients needed for a successful business, it is understood that technology is assumed to be on the list. Be that as it may, it’s the events that are necessary to perform without the assistance of the tech that may offer the most sustainable growth. One of those events is the transfer of knowledge from a senior employee to junior one.

There are many things that can assist knowledge transfer, including some instances that are not possible without technology, but the most important aspects of knowledge transfer happen between the mentor and mentee. Knowledge transfer is not only what a student might remember from an instruction manual, but what the new employee picks up from watching the mentor and from on the job experiences.

You, technically, could train your employees on a computer, and many attempt to, but the relationship between a human mentor and mentee promotes better lessons and better retention. This means better work effort from the employee and more money in your company’s bank account. 


In a lot of ways, business is much like the church. There is a hierarchy or headquarters, layman or employees, and chores or duties. As the church reaches out to lead the masses to God, your business may labor to lead the masses to your new take on the cheeseburger. Either way, in either situation, the people involved on your team or in your congregation must learn to work together. Now almost anyone can fake a team relationship for a short amount of time.

However, if you take the time to set up some technology-free occasions where your employees can get to know each other better, you can almost guarantee those improved relationships will carry over to the office. That may give them the tools they need to handle tough situations together, and in the process, expand your bottom line.   

Social Media Blocks 

This subject tends to be a volatile one. Social media has become a staple in almost every home and business in the world. We use it to advertise, talk to friends and loved ones, share our victories and triumphs, and videos of Sherry falling asleep at her desk for the 15th time.

Most companies have policies that are meant to prevent the use of social media, and sometimes your cell phone, at any time, with the exception of the lunch hour. Unfortunately,  many employees fail to avoid the temptation to play on social media during hours they should be working.

This costs you thousands a day in lost productivity. Try the more rebel move and invest in ways to block the use of social media sites while on the job.

Technology can be a great tool for helping businesses to blossom, but the lack of it may bring you the larger profit in the long run. Use these tips to free up the flow of money in your company without the assistance of modern technology.

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