How Healthy Internal Communications Give Corporations An Edge


The effective sharing of information is vital for the success of any organization — and the larger an organization is, the truer this becomes. To effectively discharge their duties, employees of corporations of all sizes need to be able to check a dozen different documents or databases throughout the day in order to answer client queries or questions from their own colleagues. Ensuring that this information is easily accessible is a key challenge for administrators who want to ensure that their staff members are working as efficiently as possible.

But when it comes to communications, corporations don’t just need to worry about making data accessible, they also need to attend to the fact that an effective worker is one who is in regular contact with their colleagues, both formally and informally. Making it easy for workers to talk to each other is one of the best ways to ensure that deliverables are met and projects stay on track, for the simple reason that workers tend to be more motivated if they feel a high degree of connectedness to the other members of their team and the organization they work for.

For corporations that want to address the challenge of information sharing while building a more connected and integrated team, good internal communications are essential. But especially in the case of larger organizations, finding ways to meet the logistical challenges of internal communications is not easy. This is why many corporations are turning to intranet tools to help them manage data flows and in-house electronic messaging effectively.

One of the best on-premise intranet solutions comes from a company called Intranet Connections which specializes in building internal networks for corporate, finance, and healthcare organizations. Intranet Connections has extensive experience working with major players like Unicef, The Mayo Clinic, and Nintendo, and has the tools to develop bespoke solutions for organizations that need to streamline employee access to large amounts of confidential data. Intranet networks not only provide space for secure document storage, e-form libraries, and embedded spreadsheets, they also include sophisticated workflow tools that help employees plan projects and evaluate their progress.

But Intranet solutions aren’t just about helping employees more effective access to information. Companies like Intranet Connections also offer a range of different employee communication and engagement tools that encourage co-workers to access company news, exchange ideas, and deepen their own relationships with each other as teammates. This not only serves to help increase employee productivity, it also increases employee retention, as workers feel a greater sense of integration and belonging within the company.

The idea that communication is the lifeblood of an organization has become a business-school cliché, but it is one that contains a lot of truth. Organizations that facilitate good channels for discussion, information sharing, and brainstorming, and which make it easy for their employees to access the documents they need to do their work, are simply more likely to perform better. Strong internal communication and the tools are indispensible for corporations that want to remain competitive in the long run, and intranet solutions providers like Intranet Connections are best positioned to build the website architecture that makes this possible.

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