3 Reasons Why Getting an Engineering Degree is the Best Decision You’ll Make in your Life


Engineering is the E in STEM. Engineering balances scientific theory with the hands-on application and day to day operations of “technology”. It is easily the most varied STEM field. Here are 3 reasons why getting an engineering degree might be the best decision you’ve ever made in your life.

A Strong Financial Future

Engineers are well paid as well as well-respected, since the advanced math skills and scientific knowledge combined with training in how to use it in the real world has so many practical applications. The job title is so powerful that India bragged it graduated millions of engineers a year – most of whom were skilled technicians or even appliance repairmen.

Engineers have very low unemployment rates when you’re comparing them against others with a bachelor’s degree. An interesting fact about engineers is that they are far more likely than average to become millionaires in terms of net worth according to the book “The Millionaire Next Door”. Because they understand the value of items and their approximate operating life, they tend to buy items based on value and hold onto them, not waste money on status symbols or blow money on frivolous spending.

You Can Make a Literal Difference

Engineers are the people that build and maintain everything our day to day lives depend on short of the food we eat and the medical care we receive. Electrical engineers design power plants and the electrical wiring in our homes, allowing the miracle of the lights coming on nearly every time. Industrial engineers work with others to design the automated factories that produce a wondrous array of goods. And biomedical engineers are designing the life saving devices and prosthetics that improve quality of life.

What if you’re more interested in saving the Earth? Electrical engineers are the ones designing the next generation of renewable energy power sources, while environmental engineers are building the waste reclamation plants and water management systems that actually repair the environment.

Career Flexibility

Many engineers move into engineering management, whether overseeing other engineers, supervising technicians and assembly workers or working in document control and management. You’ll get priority placement in these positions if you have an online masters engineering. And because of the strong education in math and science, many engineers are able to shift to teaching later in life. They may become engineering professors once they have an advanced degree like an online masters in engineering in any field. They could teach technicians at a trade school with a bachelor’s degree with relevant job experience or earn a teaching certificate to work with K-12 students.

As you can see, the engineering field has lots to offer. Engineers earn a good salary, have strong job prospects and have a proven track record of building wealth over a lifetime. They are the ones who truly change the world for the better in any area they choose to work. And they can shift their careers from practical to the theoretical, from the factory floor to the lab, from the drawing board to the work site.

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