Customize your iPhone easily


Hi Techies, although iOS 8 has represented a significant visual change from the output of this controversial operating system have not seen a really big change compared to the previous version, or iOS 7, so use alternative methods of achieving give you a different view and staff to our iDevices is not such a bad option.

Some use cases of different types, other boldest print their names or any on your iPhone, other beat them stickers and even some people put their pants, so customization is almost essential to be fashionable or simply do not look identical to the others, however, the big boys of Cupertino do not consider customizing the software is a good idea, but that’s not a disincentive to do so as the Jailbreak is a safe tool that allows us to skip those limitations to be more “free” with respect to the software of our devices.

Winterboard is the tool that will allow us to install themes to change the icons and the font and style of the letters in our devices, we can make them more personal and with a wide variety of topics dese include the free until they are us to get a good greenbacks but definitely worth to delight the pupil with the ingenuity of developers and give her a dowry of our personality to our iDevice.

Winterboard is free in Cydia and themes specify whether or not they are paid, but something that if you need to check carefully is whether the theme is compatible with your version of IOS, as some are compatible to a certain level and may not work in the yours but quiet, that comes in the description of each item.


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