Benefits of Cloud Computing

In a nutshell, cloud computing is the delivery of computing services such as storage, servers, software, and intelligence that’s done over the internet to offer faster innovation as well as resources that can be accessed from any device. Cloud technology is a great option for businesses as you typically only pay for the services that you use which can be really beneficial in reducing costs. However, as well as this, there are plenty other benefits that makes cloud computing a really good thing to have for your business. Here are some of the major benefits of cloud computing.

cloud computing


Cloud computing is perhaps one of the most cost-effective ways of getting access to software and data storage capabilities that a business can go for. This is because using cloud computing completely eliminates the expense of buying the required hardware and software to set up an in-house server and IT department. Cloud computing can easily be installed viaan experienced managed IT service such as Online Computers, which can help small businesses get access to the software they need to compete with bigger organizations in their field.


The majority of cloud services are provided as self service and on demand, meaning that even vast amounts of computing resources can be accessed in minutes, after just a few mouse clicks. This gives businesses a lot flexibility and can help them be more productive.

Easy Growth

Cloud computing gives businesses the option to expand and grow in scale far more easily than other solutions, as it’s super easy to add more devices and users to a cloud based system than it is to add new hardware and software in an IT department, making it the preferred way to accommodate for this growth. This means that cloud computing can provide the desired computing power, storage, and bandwidth for any situation, precisely when it’s needed most, regardless of geographical position.

Cloud computing also makes it easier to grow globally as using online servers means that people from all the over the world can connect easily and share the same resources and work together, giving loads of businesses the potential to become global brands.


Cloud computing can make workers a lot more productive because it gives them easier access to their data and files. With cloud computing, workers can use whatever software is needed when its needed, allowing them to crack on with the task at hand.

The ability to use any device to long onto a cloud network also means that staff can access their files super easily when working remotely or when on the move, meaning that there’s a lot of options in how staff can work and stay connected.


The idea of saving files on an online server may sound scary, but in fact, using cloud computing is one of the most secure ways to store data. This is because cloud computing service providers use the most up-to-date security features to make their networks hard to hack, and also use sophisticated encryption that scrambles data if accessed without a key, making it super difficult to hack.

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