App to record calls, the best for Android smartphones

call record

What are the applications to record mobile phone calls? How can owners of an Android smartphone proceed?

The smartphone is a multipurpose electronic device, also useful for downloading games, listening to music and taking pictures or shooting videos that immortalize the most beautiful and important moments of our life. But phone calls remain the main function, even if it is not necessarily the most used.

We call for work and personal reasons and often the need arises to record your phone calls, but how to do it? What are the apps to refer to if you have a smartphone equipped with an Android operating system? We remind you that to record a call it is essential to notify the interlocutor in order not to incur the violation of privacy. When you are too busy with play pokies online real money australia can record call for later observation.

Call recorder

Call Recorder application is one of the best solutions that can be found on Play Store. Once the application has been downloaded, you must press the allow button in order to grant it all the necessary permissions to record calls. Then you can start making calls while the app, in a totally automatic way, records both outgoing and incoming calls. The app also allows you to listen to your calls again by going to the appropriate section of the recordings, as well as being able to convert the audio file into mp3 format and even share it. Use this app when you play newzealand casino.

RMC Android Call Recorder

Another excellent application capable of performing a call recording functions in a simple and easy way. Using RMC Android Call Recorder is easy. After installing it on your device, you need to press Allow to grant it permissions. Then you have to go to the Settings and press on the recording item in which the Activate Service box appears already selected. At that point the RMC Android Call Recorder app will be operational. If you want to listen to the calls made, you can go to the section integrated in the app and select the recording, then press Play to start it.

Cube ACR call recording

This application on the Play Store manages to record all types of calls, both incoming and outgoing. Cube ACR allows you to protect call transcripts with passwords and delete them from memory or servers after a specified period of time. It also allows you to save recordings to Dropbox and Google Drive and to choose the default audio format between MP3, AAC and WAV. It is available in the basic version and the premium version as well. It includes a subscription through which you can unlock additional functions.

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