Antivirus software: here are the best ones for Android

Antivirus software

Android devices, you need to protect them: here is the best antivirus software

How do you protect your Android smartphone from malware, viruses, and other junk code? It was done on Windows, thanks to antivirus and firewalls. It seems paradoxical, but even the most widespread open source environment in the world is facing the problems of the proprietary system par excellence and, even if McAfee has raised the white flag claiming that absolute protection cannot exist and, even if the problem of viruses on mobile phones is very old, today the problem is even more serious.

A wide range of functions

However, it is true that there are applications that, according to their developers, allow you to detect malware and prevent infections. On Google Play there are apps that allow you to improve the protection of privacy. While cloud services already allow advanced backup functions, the real breakthrough is the ability to use GPS to always detect the location of the device. Use good antivirus to secure your online data when you browse

How to choose?

Given the plethora of applications that reside on Google Play, it is not easy to find the most appropriate one. AV-TEST – The Independent IT-Security Institute, a German research institute specializing in this kind of comparisons, has compared some of the antivirus available for Android, coming to draw up a public ranking which, according to German computer scientists, would see as many as 14 apps to guarantee absolute protection against any type of virus, malware or anything else. Make sure the software works fine when you play best nz online casino sites.

The criteria

The Germans are ready to bet on it, strengthened by their evaluation criteria. The first is the AV-TEST certification which is obtained when the tested application achieves a rating equal to or higher than eight. It is also assigned a score based on how much malware is detected and one that goes to reward usability. Also, in case the app offers additional features, an extra point is offered. 

Yes, but which app to choose?

According to AV-TEST, the best security software for Android are

  • Avira Free Android Security
  • Bitdefender Mobile Security
  • G Data Internet Security
  • Kingsoft Mobile Security
  • KSMobile Clean Master

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