4 Kinds Of Experimental and Alternative Healing Technologies and Techniques


When it comes to trying to feel better or heal from an injury, traditional techniques don’t always work for everyone. Many times, you look for any alternative or experimental ways that might get rid of various kinds of pain more quickly.

And there are lots of alternative healing methods for you to choose from, many of which use modern tech to support them. You can try out crystal tables. There are salt baths that many people try out that are supposed to heal not only the body but the mind. If your illness relates to a spiritual matter, there are ways to reset your chakras. And laser therapy is proposed as a way to heal all sorts of different types of pain.

Crystal Tables 

For deep, esoteric healing, there are some intriguing options for you to check out. For example, some businesses will offer healing through crystal tables that they custom order from inventors, producers, and practitioners of those tables. There isn’t necessarily much science behind some radical healing techniques, merely the technology to build them, but the fact is, if you get these healing functions performed and you feel better, then the ends justify the means. That is the bottom line when it comes to a lot of alternative therapies.

Salt Baths 

If you’re trying to aim for a total body and mind relaxation, you can take a salt bath or utilize modern technology to go into a sensory deprivation state. Again, these are alternative therapies that have gained in popularity because people appreciate the effects that they have. For a reasonable amount of money, you can have an entirely new experience, and you can potentially get rid of some of the aches and pains that bother you in your physical body as well as in the psychological recesses of your brain.

Chakra Resets 

For people who are more inclined to try spiritual healing, there are ways to reset your chakras that many people will swear by. Sometimes chakra healing uses props like stones or types of light, other times it’s more of a self-induced meditational story. If you find a good teacher or a healer that you trust, this can be the best sort of non-medicinal therapy you can get.

Laser Therapy 

For a more technological version of alternative therapy, you can try lasers. At hospitals or other kinds of clinics, you can have lasers of various colors and strengths aimed at different parts of your body with the intention of healing. Instead of surgery, hospitals can use laser therapy to focus on tiny areas of the body, and instead of having widespread damage or healing occur, the results are focused and distinct. As laser therapies and treatments get better, they will become more commonplace because of how efficient the whole process is.

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