8 Ways To Distinguish Yourself As A Leader

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The business world is an inspiring and tough place to be. You’re not handed your dream job once you graduate and not even necessarily after you’ve been involved with a particular company for a while. You have to work hard and earn positions that are going to advance your career.

One way to stand apart from the crowd is to be a leader. While it sounds like a great title, it’s important to understand that it doesn’t come easy. You have to be willing to grow, learn and fight your way to the top. See eight ways to distinguish yourself as a leader.

Be Proactive

No one likes a person who sits back and waits for big breaks to come to them. In most cases, it won’t happen, and you’ll be waiting a long time. That’s why it’s key to be proactive in nature and go out and find what you’re seeking. Knock on doors, pick up the phone and write emails to people who you know have the ability to help you out. Research, find and locate what or who you need to talk to, so that you can get to where you’re going. You’ll soon be recognized and admired if you’re actively working hard and keeping an upbeat and positive attitude.

Problem Solve

All leaders are problem solvers. They don’t need someone else to tell them the answer or wait around until the information is handed to them. This goes for activities and situations in your personal and professional life. For example, if your iPhone cracks, instead of sitting around crying about it, get on the Internet and find this website which has the answers to all your problems. They’re your go-to source for all your Apple iPhone repairs. Their expert, certified technicians are skilled at providing a wide range of repairs and services for all versions of the iPhone. You can sit and be upset, or you can be proactive and fix the issue.

Show an Interest in your Personal Development

Personal development is essential to keep your career heading on the right track. You have to be able to set your ego aside and admit you don’t know it all. Find courses, workshops and opportunities in your field that will help you develop as a person. No one’s going to make you get better in your industry or improve as a professional. You have to be open and available to let yourself be uncomfortable for a while as you change and expand your knowledge and skills.

Be Willing to Take Chances

Taking chances and risks doesn’t come naturally for a lot of people, which is okay. Know that about yourself and don’t let fear stop you from pursuing your dreams. Be willing to go out on a limb to put yourself in a position that you know will help your career and enhance your personal life. No one ever moved themselves forward in a positive manner without having to flex, bend and maneuver in new ways. A leader knows that change is inevitable and welcomes it with open arms, especially if it means achieving their goals.

Never Give up

Leaders don’t give up or stop finding solutions to problems. You have to distinguish yourself as a leader by making a promise to yourself that you’ll keep going no matter what you encounter or how hard the obstacles become. They don’t panic when there’s a difficult situation to deal with. Leaders see difficulties as an opportunity to learn and grow. Show your uniqueness by refusing to give up when others see it as the only option. Practice sticking with it when you’re faced with adversity and, eventually, it’ll become second nature to you.

Educate yourself

Knowledge is power, so it’s important to always keep up with your industry trends and miscellaneous business topics. Read informative websites and books, pay attention at work and make time to discuss key issues with other leaders in the space. Know what you’re talking about and make it obvious to others that you’re an excellent resource in essential subject areas. Take it upon yourself to learn and educate yourself without anyone having to tell you to do so. It’ll soon become apparent in your office and personal life that you know what you’re talking about.

Communicate Clearly

Leaders know how to talk to others and get their point across without using a demeaning or arrogant delivery. Brush up on your communication skills and learn how to be assertive in your exchanges. You’re not going to get very far without knowing the proper ways to converse with others. Leaders know how to instantly get the attention of everyone in the room and keep it as they talk. Someone who’s well-spoken and can write appropriately doesn’t go unnoticed. You have to get your emotional mind under control and know how to interact with others in a way that’s persuasive and informative.

Help others

Leaders may know they’re admired, but that doesn’t mean they let it go to their head. Once you’re in a position to lead, it’s your obligation to pass the torch and help others. Coach your subordinates and assist friends who ask for your guidance. Take pride in the fact that others think you’re great and want to be like you. Spend time volunteering, lending advice and being there for people who have the potential to advance in their career. Do it because it feels good to help and because you’ll be even more admired as a leader and trailblazer.


Wanting to become a better person and a leader is a good goal to strive for. Stay focused and use these tips to get you started off on the right foot. Be patient and don’t expect change to happen overnight. Make a list of attainable goals and begin tackling each one until you’ve molded yourself into the leader you always envisioned. Do it for you and no one else. These are ways to distinguish yourself as a leader.

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