5 Tech Advances In Today’s Washers And Dryers


Technology expands to every part of our modern lives, and our cleaning processes are no exception to the rule.  Today’s washers and dryers are more intricate than ever before, weaved seamlessly into our daily routines.

If you’re looking to speed up the process of tackling the family’s laundry day, then today’s washers and dryers have just what you need.  Check out some of the coolest tech advances in laundry, and start planning your next cleaning session now.

Multiple loads with different care instructions

The Samsung FlexWash model was designed to solve the issue of having multiple loads with different care instructions.  The washer and dryer both come equipped with a mini top-loading space which allows you to do two loads simultaneously.

The mini-washer and dryer are both gentle and fast.  Drop in your favorite laundry detergent, and wash your kid’s favorite stuffed pals with no fear of irreparable damage.  Then dry them quickly with a gentle, cooler heat than a full-sized dryer.

Flip control dryers from Kenmore

It is common for individuals to seek out a sufficient stackable washer and dryer to save space in their home.  The stackable is great for space, but it often leaves the top control panel out of reach of those who are not so vertically gifted.

The flip control stackable dryer from Kenmore offers the option to move the top control panel to the bottom of the unit, making it much easier to reach.  With just a 15 minute augmentation, there’s no more need for a stepping stool.

WiFi connectivity for your appliances

LG takes the cake on WiFi enabled laundry units.  As of 2017, every unit they produce will come standard with WiFi capabilities. LG also sits at the top of Consumer Report’s reliability charts, so your money is not frivolously spent.

The WiFi capabilities enable owners to remotely start, monitor, and stop the washing and drying cycles from their mobile device.  Over time, there will also be downloadable features to advance your washing and drying cycles.

Laundry day in just an hour

Laundry day no longer has to be a full day with the Kenmore Accela-wash machine.  Like many modern washing machine models, you can do a load of laundry in just under 30 minutes.  Thanks to enhanced mechanical technologies, washing and drying can now be done in just an hour’s time.

Smart technology for your dryer

Save energy, and invest in a dryer that is equipped with Sensor Dry technology that will actually stop the drying cycle as soon as the clothing is sufficiently dried.  You may also invest in the ability to download specialty cycles like “high-performance fitness wear” or “baby clothes.”

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