5 Practical Ways to Improve Your Customer Service


Customer service is a key part of every business. No matter what your business’s primary functions are, as long as you’re providing products or services to people, you have customers that need to be kept satisfied. Organizations are increasingly realizing the importance of customer satisfaction and how it can positively or negatively affect every aspect of their business. For this reason, you should be continuously looking for ways to improve your customer services and ensure that your customer service department has all that they need to thrive. This article is going to give you five suggestions regarding how you can improve your customer services in your business.

Regular Training

One of the fundamentals of good customer service is having well-trained representatives. Seeing as they are the ones that will liaise with customers and answer all of their questions and concerns, it is imperative that they are conversant with how to meet their needs. This could mean that you need to hold regular training sessions to help them improve their responses and communication. Some key skills that should be elucidated during training include listening skills, patience, attentiveness, time management skills, the ability to use positive language and tone, and the ability to communicate clearly. It is also important that their diction is good and they’re audible so that they can clearly speak with customers. Even if it happens that they’re responding to customers in written form, it is equally important that the representative has strong written skills and can convey information effectively as that’s also important in the delivery of effective customer service. You should explore ways to make the training sessions as practical and interactive as possible, so you can clearly see their strengths and weaknesses and how you can help them improve.

Use Up-To-Date Technology

Using technology to improve your customer service delivery can be beneficial. This is because there is a range of different solutions available to help streamline your processes and ultimately make your team more productive and efficient. For one, you could consider CRM software to help potential customers through different stages of the sales process. Seeing as different customers will be at different stages at different times, the software can assist you in attending to them all simultaneously by automating the entire process and ensuring ongoing and personalized engagement. Another useful technology to consider is customer service software that can help with product inquiry calls, live chat options for answering help desk tickets, as well as email and voice. Additionally, you should think about the type of phone system you’re using. Ideally, you should use a Tampa VoIP provider that offers packages with features such as enabling your customers to hang up while still retaining their place in the queue, being able to view customer waiting times and improve customer calls through screening, and receiving instant notifications when callers have been in the queue beyond the set time limit.

Improve Response Time

One of the many things that customers may find annoying is not being able to get immediate answers to questions or concerns. A SalesForce study found that almost half of online shoppers are likely to abandon their carts if they’re unable to get a prompt response to their question. This means that customers may find slow responses annoying enough to drop the product or service altogether. This could result in a loss of revenue for you and also bad reviews. It is, therefore important to find practical ways to attend to customers’ needs as quickly as possible.

Some ways that you can improve response times include making it a priority to respond within 24 hours and letting them know if you can’t through automated responses as well as informing them of when they can anticipate a response. Another way to speed up your response time is to get a 24/7 customer service response team on board either via telephone or chat. This option will obviously cost you more money, but if you can afford it, then you’re likely to have happy customers and positive reviews. Always remember that we live in a fast-paced world where people’s patience and attention spans are short. If you don’t want current or prospective customers going to your competition because your response time is too slow, then you should look for effective ways to speed it up.

Look for Ways to Get Feedback

For some customers, asking them to fill out a survey can seem like a tedious task, however, if it’s done in the right way, it is also a way to show them that their opinions matter. Customer feedback can be very useful in the sense that you can hear what you’re doing right or wrong directly from the sources mouth. This gives you the opportunity to rectify areas which your customers find ineffective and continue doing the things that seem to be keeping them happy. If you’re lost on ways to get customer feedback, some suggestions include satisfaction surveys, asking them during customer service interactions, and also engaging in social listening. Through social listening, you’ll be able to hear what others are saying about your brand via word of mouth. You should try different strategies when endeavoring to get customer feedback such as making the surveys interesting, adding incentives, using natural language, using multiple choice, and keeping them as short as possible.

Multiple Support Options

Another way that you can improve customer support is by giving multiple support options. This way, customers have a variety of ways to reach you If one method is proving to be unresponsive or slow. Some options for support include email, telephone, live chat and social media. Ensuring people are on standby as frequently as possible should help ensure that their needs are met promptly.

When your customers are happy, it is likely that your business will do much better. The people that you provide products and services for are the pillar of your business, so it’s important that they’re satisfied with your output. There is always room for improvement, so hopefully by applying some of the tips mentioned in this article coupled with your own, you’ll be able to deliver excellent customer service in years to come.

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