4 Major Reasons Why Having a Dedicated Server Host is Important


A dedicated server host provides the resources needed to keep every website up, running and operational every now and then. Without hosting servers, it would be difficult and time-consuming to create a website that performs according to its purpose. Aside from the concept of making all websites internet-visible and user-accessible.

 4 Reasons Why Dedicated Server Host Is Important

  1. Increased in Performance

Because a dedicated server host is exclusively managed by the website owner, system server resources, which include, disk space, CPU or processor power and random access memory or RAM, are basically not shared with other website owners. With this circumstance, the performance of your website will definitely increase with the support of the resources that are not shared with anyone.

  1. Access to Cloud Storage

When you are managing your own website with the help of a dedicated server, you have the liberty to access a cloud storage to keep important files and software applications safe and much more accessible than storing them on the desktop or external drive. The hosting servers and cloud storage are also helpful in cases when there is an increase in website traffic.

  1. Overall Control

The mere fact that you are not sharing anything with other website users gives you the freedom to have an overall control of your resources on a dedicated server host. You can customize and use them according to how you want them to work. If you want to increase the loading speed of your web page, then you can use more processing power. You have the controls all to yourself.

  1. More Impenetrable Security

This is a follow-up of number 3. If you want to make sure that you have an impenetrable security system, then you can use the storage space or the bandwidth for enhancing the website’s protection. This also helps in complying certain guidelines on the internet.

Types of Hosting Servers

There are several types of hosting servers. But the most popular are used for web hosting, online games and private servers for large scale and/or organizations. Apparently, each of this dedicated server type has its own, unique set of features.

*Web Hosting. This is generally used when a user wants to make his or her website publicly accessible on the world wide web or the internet. Basically, it safely keeps the necessary data to keep the website running and performing well.

*Online Gaming. Online games are supported by their own type of dedicated servers. This is usually set up during personal computer gaming or games with multiple players. However, this type involves so many technicalities in the world of online games.

*Company or Organization. In simplest terms, this is a private entity. It is somewhat opposite of web hosting and is usually set up in companies and organizations. They use dedicated server host as their storage facility where they remotely keep their important and confidential data files. Employees working in companies with dedicated servers are connected to the servers, gaining access to the files that they need for their work. Moreover, this is a complex setup since it has well-protected privacy and security system that prevents anyone from gaining access to the secured files of the company or organization.

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