4 Ways To Get Close To Customers Using Technology


Knowing your customers and getting closer to them is something that all business owners want. This closeness and personal attention is what will set one business apart from all the rest and ensure that that particular business is remembered long after everything else has been forgotten. Using technology to understand what it is customers want can be truly useful; here are some of the ways it can be done.

Conference Calls

Using a free conference call service can really change the dynamic between a business and its customers. Although not necessary all the time, if a customer can’t come in to see you and needs to speak to a variety of different departments, setting up a conference call can ensure that it can be done. No one will have a wasted trip or have to spend any money, and every query and question can be answered easily by the right person. This can be of use when speaking to customers and suppliers alike.

Voice Analytics

If you record your phone calls in your business, then you can capture the voice data and analyze it. This can be used in all departments and is a useful tool when it comes to determining who is your prime market, and how they interact with your staff. Going over these recordings and working out how to achieve a better level of customer service can have a hugely positive effect and bring you closer than ever to your customers.

There are, however, laws about recording phone conversations, and in order to make sure you don’t fall foul of those laws, it is best to check them out before engaging on this kind of analytical data gathering.

Social Media

Social media is the ideal platform for getting close to your customers. If you post links to your blog, or other useful, informative posts on social media pages such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, it will encourage customers (and potential customers) to interact more with you. The key thing to remember, of course, is that you also need to interact with them. Having a conversation, even if it is through social media, will give you more insight into your customers, plus it will show that you are a caring kind of company that is interested in what your customers have to say. It will give you a human element, and that can be very important when it comes to getting closer to your customers.

Make Videos

Videos can be an amazing way to become closer to your customers, especially if they are instructional and teach someone how to do something, or perhaps use one of your products. Creating a video using the technology available today is not difficult, and you can even edit it together and add music, effects, and voiceovers simply using apps on your smartphone or tablet. However, despite the ease of making these videos, they – with care and attention – will look great, and impress customers.

Giving your customers your attention will always make you become closer to them, and it is through these videos you will help them in some way.

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